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If there was an award for best all-around superfood, kale would be a major contender. Itu2019s packed with nutrients like protein, iron, and calcium to keep your body strong, plus it offers enough vitamins to create alphabet soup. Throw in antioxidants to keep damaging free radicals at Valentino Rockstud Sale bay, and youu2019ve got a surefire way to protect your body from the inside out. But, taking care of yourself extends beyond just what you put inside your body u2014 how you take care of your skin matters, too.


In this installment of Porefection with bareMinerals, Valentino Shoes weu2019re showing you the importance of nourishing your skin daily with a nutrient-rich serum. Look for one that's packed with herbs, vitamins, and antioxidants for both short-term and long-term benefits. It's one small step in your routine, one giant difference in your skin's health.




Whether itu2019s a simple two-step process or a 10-product regimen, we bet youu2019ve got your skin-care routine down pat. Valentino Rockstud Shoes But taking care of your skin doesn't stop when you leave your bathroom. Thatu2019s why we've paired up with bareMinerals to create Porefection, a video series that breaks down the stats you need to know to take care of your complexion beyond the bathroom sink.


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